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Create a winning SEO campaign with SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is a comprehensive pack of 4 SEO tools, each dealing with a particular aspect of SEO. The package has all you need to get top search engine rankings and see your traffic and sales boost. Check out the step-by-step guide below to create an SEO campaign that's a smashing success. 1. Find your target keywords Decide on the keywords you'll be building your SEO campaign around. Step 1:Get keyword ideas. Run Rank Tracker and follow the Wizard's instructions to create your first project. Switch to the Keyword Research workspace, and press "Suggest" to have hundreds of great keyword ideas generated for you with the use of over a dozen keyword research methods. Step 2:Pick keywords with most profit-generating potential. Look at your keywords' KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index) to choose the most profitable keywords. The terms with a green KEI are frequently searched for and have pretty low competition. Simply put, these can bring you lots of visitors — while…

The Philosophy Behind Link Building

Among Internet Marketer, there seems to have controversy when it comes to baclinks, link building strategies & it's importance. if you ask a group of online marketer, What is a backlink?, Why are backlinks So Useful?, How do search engines evaluate backlinks?, importance of backlinks in seo? link earning, etc you'll get different & vague answers from them.

To make you clear, in this post I'll write simple to understand definition of Philosophy Behind Link Building & to help you make sense of what's backlinks truly harmful for your website.

So, What is a Backlink?
A backlink is a clickable piece of text or an image that links one website, webpage, or files to another. As an example here is a link to the Local SEO Consultant at this website, which is surrounded by the anchor text "Local SEO Consultant", So, we’ve got the answer of most important question out of the way.

Backlinks are also knows as Internal Links, Inbound Links & Outbound Links.…

How to Run Content Marketing With Success in 2015

To design an excellent content strategy, the most important thing (and which very few do), without a doubt, is to start by establishing “where we are headed”. In other words, our goals. We have been working specifically with content marketing for the past 8 years and if there is something we have learned during this time, is that the difference between those that succeed and those that fail is NOT based on the quantity of resources they are able to invest (money/budget). It is in the clarity in which they define “why” they want to engage in content marketing. In this article, we would like to share 3 objectives that, in our opinion, are essential and also universal, and can be used by any company in any industry. As an example, we’ll take the case of Boosted, a battery-powered skateboards manufacturer. First Objective: Product Information The first and perhaps the most intuitive and familiar goal of a content strategy, is to make your product known. You need to allow potential custome…

How to Make Your Blog as Local as Your Business

Let’s face it, local SEO’s and business owners have given up on content and settled for SEO. Now, I’m not saying that SEO is bad or that no local business can write. But what I am saying is that the industry has prioritized the SEO/ranking value of content over the audience value of our content. The moment SEO becomes more important than our audience, we have a marketing problem. Let’s take off our 1,500 word minimum with 2% keyword density blinders and ask ourselves a few simple questions: Would I actually read this whole post? If you can’t read the whole article there’s no chance your audience will.Would I send a new potential customer a link to my blog? If not, then potential customers visiting your website probably shouldn’t see it either.Do my blog posts receive engagement: comments or shares? I’m not talking about fake Gucci handbag comments, but instead, real comments or Facebook shares. While this is a tough standard, if we don’t have something to aim for what is the point? As…

How To Increase Traffic Using Pinterest

If 69% of online consumers are going to Pinterest with intent to purchase items, why not take advantage, and help improve your sales and web traffic with Pinterest? Speaking of visitors, most Pinners, 80% of Pinners, are accessing Pinterest on their phone, which means they’re then being directed to your website mobily (cough *mobilegeddon* cough). With so many ways to improve traffic and rankings, and now mobile rankings, Pinterest presents a unique opportunity to achieve these goals and become one of the largest traffic drivers in the social realm. Follow these tips to help improve your company Pinterest page, presence, and website traffic. 1. Start With The Basics – Optimizing Your Pinterest Profile A company Pinterest profile should define who the company is: their goals, passions, and interests. This makes Pinterest one of the best social networks to define a brand, offering consumers an inside look using brand boards and unique pins. Each board can represent a different service …