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How to improve rankings on google maps; Top 10 tips for Local SEO

Local business owners we talk to love to embrace the do-it-yourself attitude, so we thought it would be a good post to present the basics for do-it-yourself online marketing for local businesses. We often here: “Why should I pay someone if I can do it myself?” Of course, that’s usually if we had all the time in the world. Unfortunately, Local SEO can become time consuming very quickly, especially due to the complexity of the fragmented local search market.

However, it is possible for owners to work on a little bit each month to improve their rankings on Google Maps for Local SEO, or improve their Yelp profile (Online Reputation Management) to reach new traffic, or add fresh content or a blog to their website (Search Engine Optimization) in order to improve their Google Search Rankings. Part of the do-it-yourself marketing strategy is to prioritize your efforts based on what you’re trying to achieve and the amount of work that goes into each effort. Many of our customers seem to ask a…

How do I make a Goldbook Business Listing?

How do I make a Goldbook Business Listing?BEFORE YOU START:It is free to create a GoldBook listing, but not to manage. If you wish to login and respond to reviews, contact Gold Book about advertising. Step 1:Go to Click: add / update my listing Step 2:Enter the following info:Select: “add my listing”Enter your First & Last Name: Add your Business Name:Select your Business Category:Add your Business Phone Number:Enter your City & Province:Add your Address: (optional)Choose your preferred contact type: email or phoneAdd your website URL (optional)Send a message: (optional) Step 3: Send Request & Chat with moderators to complete your GoldBook listing.After submitting your info, a GoldBook moderator will contact you to review your submission. Reminder: This is only to list your business, to login and respond to reviews contact goldbook about advertising.

How do I get my Business Listed on Foursquare?

How do I get my Business Listed on Foursquare?BEFORE YOU START:It is free to create a Foursquare listing for your business, but not to manage it (if you live outside the U.S). If you wish to login and respond to reviews, you have to claim your Foursquare listing.  Step 1:Submit Business Info to Foursquare.Go to and click signup to Create an account.Go to business.foursquare.comSearch for your business, and select “cant find place, add listing.”Add your place to foursquareEnter info: Company Name, Address, Cross Street , City, Province / State, Postal Code, Country,This place is inside another place, answer yes or no.Adjust the pin on the map so it is over the front door of your place.Add your Twitter handle (if available).Select your business category.This place is a private venue, answer yes or no.Click SaveIMPORTANT NOTE: All business added to Foursquare for free are reviewed and published by site moderators. Free listings will take some time to appear…

Using LinkedIn for your Small Business

Using LinkedIn for your Small Business
Today, a LinkedIn profile acts as a business card and the content works as a great networking tool. Although, LinkedIn is a social platform, it’s unique because it’s used more as a publishing channel, as opposed to a sales channel for promoting offers and coupons. It focuses more on the foundation of a business and it’s credentials. But, do you know the rules for using LinkedIn for your small business? If used correctly, LinkedIn can help you reach your small business goals by expanding your network with key contacts and builds your credibility with content. LinkedIn is effective for almost any type of business, however it’s especially effective for small businesses offering personal services like: financial services, spas, tutoring, real estate, photography, law, daycares, fitness, physicians, medical centres, funeral homes, etc. This is the ideal tool to showcase your credentials. The majority of prospective customers believe online reputation i…

How do I manage all of my Business Directory Updates?

How do I manage all of my Business Directory Updates?BEFORE YOU START to update one of your business directory listings, check them all. When listing info is incorrect it is usually due to human error, or contact info change like moving to a new office, or getting a new phone number etc. This means the error is more than likely on other listings as well.Step 1: Compare each directory listing against your profile.Go through all your directory listings, line by line, and compare the info to your company profile (contact info, and assets).Look for any errors, or discrepancies between the listing and your company profile.Incorrect contact information: Address, Phone Number, Email, etc.Outdated imagery: Promotional materials, logo’s, etc.Broken links: Website, social media, etc.Pro Tip: Use a free software like Airi to do this for you! She never blinks, and won’t miss a thing. Step 2: Take Note of all Errors in a Doc.Create a document (or Google Doc) and write down each error, and discrepa…

How do I get my Business listed on Apple Maps?

How do I get my Business listed on Apple Maps?BEFORE YOU START:To create an Apple Maps business listing you need an apple ID. Once you have an apple ID for your business, you can begin to create your business listing! Create an Apple ID for your company: Go to and create a company Apple IDEnter company emailCreate / confirm temporary passwordEnter first name, last name, and birthdaySelect and answer 3 security questionsSelect countryEnter CAPTCHA -> ContinueFind the confirmation email and enter the verification code to confirm your company Apple IDStep 1:Store contact info, product descriptions, and marketing materials in a single document. Take the time to do this once, as a result, you will save hours of searching overtime. Most notably, you should have everything in one place, so you can easily share accurate – up to date – assets with coworkers and employees. Pro Tip: Use a Google Doc to store, and share your company info and assets. Check out Airi’s Company Info Doc. St…

How do I make a 411 Business Listing?

How do I make a 411 Business Listing?
BEFORE YOU START:to create your 411 business listing, know it is free to create, but not to manage. If you wish to login and respond to reviews, contact 411 through their advertising center. Step 1:Submit your Company Info to 411.caEnter your Company Phone NumberAdd Business Details:Business NameBusiness AddressCityPrimary Business CategoryAdd Personal Contact InfoFirst Name.Last Name.Phone Number.Email Address.Click “Yes, I agree”
Step 2: Chat with 411 to complete & publish your listing.A 411 moderator will call your personal contact number to review and verify your information. Within 10 days your business listing will be published on 411. Reminder: To login to your listing and respond to reviews contact 411 through their advertising center. Step 3: Claim your 411 Business Listing. Once your listing has been reviewed by moderators and published, you have the opportunity to claim & manage your listing. Search for and Select your company throu…

Do It Yourself Local SEO For The Small Business Owner

Learn How To Rank In The Search Engines As a Small Business Following This Step by Step Course.

Do you want to learn how to rank your business higher in Google Search? Do you own a small business? Do you just want to do the work on your own?  This is the perfect course for you. I've created a step-by-step course that walks you through everything you need to know about boosting your visibility in the Google local map pack. In August of 2015 Google changed the "local 7 pack" into the "local 3 pack". It's now more important than ever to be working on Local Search Optimization for your business. Only 3 businesses are now shown within the local business pack when typical "service + city" terms are used in Google search. In this course I walk you through the basics of: Setting up your website for local searchSetting up your Google+ business pageAdding your business to important website directories such as YelpSetting up basic social media profiles such as Fac…

How To Do It Yourself Local SEO?

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Web Equity - owning your digital presence Online marketing has two goals: engage and convert. The social side of the Internet encourages engagement, the search side focuses more on user intent and ultimately conversion of that intent into a sale.
The many elements of an online presence can build on each and work together for a business. The process is best done in an environment with more control rather than less.Because of the changing nature of the Internet, a SMBs marketing investment should always reinforce and strengthen the elements over which they have the most ownership.
Can a business get by without a website by using only social media? It may be possible, but it fails to recognize that a SMBs presence on other's sites can change or disappear through no fault of their own. Like anyinvestment, the more control the SMB has, the better it will serve the company interests.
The services in the outer rings of this graphic should be used to reinforce those services …

Tips for Small Businesses Looking to Maximize Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter

Tips for Small Businesses Looking to Maximize Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter A common mistake many companies make is treating Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter as the same. You create a social media blurb, log into your social media management tool, such as Hootsuite, and then blast out that same blurb or link or post or whatever through all of your social media networks. Huge mistake. Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks can be immensely useful, but you’ll only be able to maximize their value if you treat each of them separately and craft your messages to fit each one. Each post needs to be optimized for each social media network. The audiences and behavioral patterns for every social network are distinct. Even if it’s the same person logging into Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, that person will use each network differently. So if you want to reach this person, your best bet is to acknowledge these differences, and to then craft messages that will key into th…