Sunday, February 26, 2017

Using LinkedIn for your Small Business

Using LinkedIn for your Small Business

Today, a LinkedIn profile acts as a business card and the content works as a great networking tool. Although, LinkedIn is a social platform, it’s unique because it’s used more as a publishing channel, as opposed to a sales channel for promoting offers and coupons. It focuses more on the foundation of a business and it’s credentials. But, do you know the rules for using LinkedIn for your small business? If used correctly, LinkedIn can help you reach your small business goals by expanding your network with key contacts and builds your credibility with content.
LinkedIn is effective for almost any type of business, however it’s especially effective for small businesses offering personal services like: financial services, spas, tutoring, real estate, photography, law, daycares, fitness, physicians, medical centres, funeral homes, etc. This is the ideal tool to showcase your credentials. The majority of prospective customers believe online reputation is especially important for businesses offering work related to health, well-being, childcare, and financial services.
Create a LinkedIn page
Signing up for LinkedIn is free! When creating your company page, highlight your services, leaders and employees to amplify your credibility. Connect with groups and local networks in similar industries or business goals.
Use your personal page and small business page as a pay-per-click or SEO campaign
Every small business should include a marketing strategy for search engine optimization. Ensure that your headline contains keywords and terms that increase your findability. The summary or job descriptions is a great place to tuck this sort of content. Run a PPC campaign on both your personal and business page to boost your opportunity for appearing in search engine results.
Blog on LinkedIn
Again, this idea goes back to optimizing your content for SEO purposes. Extend your reach to a greater audience by sharing these blog posts across social platforms.
Endorsements and Recommendations
Furthermore, positive endorsements and recommendations build your small business reputation with the ability to inspire trust in people. Before they even make a purchase from you. Recommendations through LinkedIn are like referrals, a quicker and more widespread virtual version of word-of-mouth.
LinkedIn may seem a little tricky to get a hang of. The key is to embrace the unique and professional nature of this social channel. Keep in mind that the content you would typically share on Facebook or Twitter would likely be different on this platform. Navigate through LinkedIn and get familiar with other successful business pages. Take note of tone and language used in their content when creating your content. Remember to keep it consistent, professional and of course intriguing for your audience.



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