Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Change The Way People See Your Dental Practice

Change The Way People See Your Dental Practice

Did you know, Google offers a unique tool that allows people to tour the inside of your dental office, before walking through your doors?
Over half of prospective patients will research dental offices online before deciding to book an appointment or request a consultation. They want to know where you’re located; what it looks like inside and out; what other patients have to say about their experience through online reviews; and how to get in contact. With so many other businesses in the area, it’s essential to meet people’s expectations by appearing in their search results. People need to see a business appear online with active postings and updated content in order for them to feel confident enough that a business is in fact up and running.  
What are the first steps?
Having a well designed website is a great start. However, for small business owners like: dental offices, walk-in offices, and other physician practices that offer services for health and well-being, it may not be nearly enough to get patients through your door.  
Google My Business gives you the resources you need to connect with photographers in your area who can help you create a 360-degree virtual tour of your business. Prospective patients will have the ability to get a virtual tour of your dental practice with a simple touch of their finger. From their mobile phone, tablet, or any other way they stay connected online. When your business appears in search results for “dentists in the area” or “dentists accepting new patients,” you can invite them in with indoor Street View directly from Google Maps and Search. It’s the most effective way to inspire trust and confidence. Give people the opportunity to experience your business before they arrive.
What’s the added benefit of signing up for Google My Business? It gives businesses insightful information available all in one place, on your own Dashboard. Log on to your secured business profile and see how many times your business appeared in search results with views, or how many people requested directions or called with the number of clicks.  
These are essential tools for kick-starting any small business. New business owners may not always have the time to invest in building the virtual side of their business, which is why services like Airi exist. They’re committed to building and protecting your internet presence, so you can put more time into face-to-face interactions with your clients, patients or customers.



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