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How do I get my business listed on MapQuest?

How do I get my business listed on MapQuest?

BEFORE YOU START: If you are an American looking to create a MapQuest business listing, go to, and complete the submission form. Input fields on’s listings page doesn’t have province or postal code options for Canadian business owners. 

Step 1: Add your Business to MapQuest

  • Go to
  • Enter your company email (gmail) account and create a password.
  • Create a subject for the message (i.e new business listing).
  • Enter Your Name.
  • Select the reason for this report: “Add New Business.”
  • How does the business currently appear on MapQuest: It does not.
  • Description – (full description of issue).
    • Business Name:
    • Address: City, State / Province, Zip.           
    • Business Phone:
    • Owner’s Name:
    • Business Email:
    • Number of Locations:
    • Website:
    • Featured Message:
    • Business category:
    • About Us:
  • Upload Attachment: Company Logo

Step 2: Fix an Error on your MapQuest Listing. 

  1. Go to  Mapquest Help.
  2. Select the most appropriate issue:
    • Feedback/ Questions on new  
    • Business Listings on MapQuest.
    • Residential Map / Address Errors.
    • Problems Creating a Route or Getting Directions.
    • Help with Mapquest Mobile Apps.
    • Help with the New Route Planner
    • My Account.
    • Help with MapQuest Bookings Reservations.
    • Help with
    • send feedback about mapquest business city pages
    • Report abuse
    • Help with Travel Blogs
    • All other questions or issues
  3. Enter Your company email:
  4. Create a message Subject:
  5. Enter Your Name:
  6. Additional Description:
  7. File upload (optional):
*If you selected the issue “Business Listings on MapQuest”
  1. Select the reason for this report:
    • Incorrect Business Information
    • Add a new business
    • For an update or removal request- How does the business currently appear on MapQuest
    • Place has permanently closed.
  2. For an update or removal request- How does the business currently appear on MapQuest
    • Name,
    • Address,
    • Phone Number.


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